All you need to know about booking your session…

From the moment you hit that send button to inquire about your session, I am here to answer all the questions and help you with anything you need.
I try to respond to all the emails within 24 hours but life happens and sometimes it may be more. Once you receive the Welcome Guide and you decide we are the right fit, we can start the booking process. 
To book your session, I require RETAINER to be paid, CONTRACT to be signed and QUESTIONNAIRE (the most important) to be filled out. Once I receive all 3, the fun begins.

There are 3 important aspects to the most beautiful results.

1. Location!
You want your location to be simple, not too busy but with couple of different sceneries. Of course, if you choose urban setting, chances are there will be some random people in your photos, I will do my best to exclude them all but living in NYC sometimes that is just not an option. Do you need help with choosing location? I have spots I love and know they photograph well. So ask me about my favorite spots!

2. Wardrobe!
I cannot stretch enough how important the wardrobe is! It can literally make or break your photos! There is a detailed section in Welcome Guide that talks about the colors and type of clothing that works well. However your choice of clothes should represent you! If dresses are not your thing, that is completely ok! Even jeans and t-shirt can look cute when styled correctly. You want to wear sneakers? That’s fine but again they have to go well with what you are wearing because even a small detail like shoes make a huge visual difference. Ladies, take your time with doing your hair and make-up! Ask your hubby to entertain kids while you do that! If you can, get it done professionally. And don’t forget about your nails! I take a lot of close ups of hands, make sure you are prepared. Need help with wardrobe? Again, that’s what I’m here for! Send me a quick snap of what you have in mind and I can adjust some details if needed. Your Welcome Guide also includes brands I love and trust. Can’t find anything you love or don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you will not wear again? Ask for access to view my client closet!

3. Lighting!
Oh man! I hear it ALL. THE. TIME. “That’s too late”, “Kids will be cranky”, “Kids go to bed at that time” etc..
Treat your session like a special occasion! Because it is.. I’m sure sometimes you keep your kids up past their bedtime and it is ok! Adjust their nap for a day, give them early dinner/late lunch.. They will be ok! Midday light is so harsh. It creates unflattering shadows. The best light is roughly one hour before sunset unless it’s a cloudy day. I always aim to schedule your session as late as possible for a reason. When that beautiful golden light hits, everything sparkles, shadows are so soft.. Keep in mind though that there are no two sunsets alike. One more thing to add, lighting is connected to your location… Some locations may require different time of the day, especially if you are thinking about indoors. So again, reach out and let’s discuss it for the best results possible.

Ok, now that we have this down, it’s time for your session! Please make sure you arrive on time.. Especially if you have scheduled sunset session, your arrival is crucial since we are limited on time.
After your session, I will most likely send you at least one photo within 24hrs because I know you are excited and want to see some results. The rest of your photos will be delivered within 2 weeks of your session via online, password protected gallery. It is very easy to use. Just treat it like an online store. Download, add to cart, check out.. Need help? Just shoot me a text (within working hours please) or email! Happy to help!

Hope this answered some of your questions but if you have more send them over!

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