My name is Alena. Other than finally pursuing something I absolutely love, I am a proud mama to two handsome, silly and full of energy boys. They will always come first and most importantly I want to be a great example to them, show them that no matter what, with hard work and dedication you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to.

I was born and raised in small town in Slovakia. I moved here when I was 17 and didn’t speak one word of English but I pulled through. Learned the language, finished High School (Haldane HS), went to college (Berkeley College) and studied accounting.. went through many career changes.. When I was pregnant with my second son, I really looked back on my life and realized I need to do something that would make my heart full. We all want to make a mark in this big world and photography is just that for me. I want to create art for my families that they can look back on many years from now and FEEL the moment of that photograph. How they felt at that moment, how silly their kids were, hear the laughter.. that is why I chose the photography path, to help YOU remember those special moments the same way I want to remember times with my boys.

More About me in case you didn't have enough..

Ripped jeans, oversized shirt, messy hair, possibility of forgotten make-up.. coffee in one hand, camera in the other.. backpack over the shoulders and lets not forget sneakers! Loves to eat and explore new places.. may even think she is funny (definitely strange sense of humor).. possibility of inappropriate jokes (out of kids range).. possibly talks too much..

The girl behind camera.

If you’re looking for a good old “look at the camera and smile” photos, I’m not your girl. I want to see real moments, real feelings, real you. I will absolutely direct you but the reactions will be all yours. The way you respond to my directions is your story. The little things your kids do when you cuddle up with them or whisper something sweet, maybe even funny, in their ear.. IT. IS. YOUR. STORY. TO. TELL. Your memories..
I also believe my editing style reflects and sometimes even enhances the feelings. Expect your photos to be bold, slightly more contrasty with touch of film look to it.
Ready to go have some fun?

what you should expect.

I am a storyteller...


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It's like being first in line..